indsight Imaging, Inc. specializes in chemical identification solutions for industrial and biomedical applications. Our core technology, the NewVuR spectrometer with  High-Throughput Virtual Slit™, developed by founder and CEO Dr. Arsen Hajian, was translated from technology developed during his time working with NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope. Utilizing a cooperative Stage-Gate process, Hindsight works closely with its customers to build solutions across multiple markets with rapid development paths.

Our patented, compact, high-performance  Raman spectrometer achieves both high resolution AND high sensitivity, allowing visualization of distinctive structure and detail for definitive characterization.

Raman spectroscopy can analyze gasses, liquids and solids, making it a versatile solution for many different sample types. Hindsight’s instruments can provide a chemical image of biological events at a low cost and compact size.

2018 Gold Honoree at the LaserFocusWorld Innovators Awards

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