The Bilby broadband hyperspectral imaging spectrometer

The Bilby is Hindsight’s high resolution VNIR hyperspectral imaging engine for remote sensing. See the press release, visit the product page or download the data sheet.

Hindsight Imaging, Inc. designs, builds and sells next-generation hyperspectral imaging and volumetric imaging instruments. Using the patented High-Throughput Virtual SlitTM, a unique, proprietary technology, Hindsight offers spectral imaging engines with the highest combination of spectral resolution and light-gathering power in their size class.

Compared to conventional spectral imagers, Hindsight’s instruments offer:
⦁ Higher spectral and spatial resolution at the same size, or
⦁ Comparable resolution in a smaller package

These advantages enable disruptive innovation in a variety of applications where hyperspectral imaging has traditionally been too difficult, too complicated or too expensive.

Hyperspectral images are far more information-rich than conventional color images:
⦁ A monochrome camera records one color and displays the intensity in greyscale
Human vision and color digital cameras or film are sensitive to three spectral bands
⦁ A filter-based multispectral imager distinguishes, typically, 4-6 colors…
⦁ But the Hindsight Bilby hyperspectral imager sees hundreds of wavelengths from the visible to the near-IR, using spectroscopy to perform true chemical imaging.

The information density provided by hyperspectral imaging drives next-generation data analytics across a host of industries.

Hindsight’s spectrometers are the engine that can drive your applications in:
⦁ Remote sensing
⦁ Surveillance and threat detection
⦁ Biomedical imaging
⦁ Material ID
⦁ Environmental monitoring
⦁ Process analytics
⦁ Machine vision
⦁ High-precision tunable light sources

Hindsight works with OEM and integration partners to deliver complete hyperspectral imaging solutions. Lightweight, and with no moving parts, our spectrometers are compatible with a range of sensitive CCD, CMOS and IR cameras and remote sensing platforms such as UAVs, conventional aircraft and land vehicles.

Hindsight Imaging can help to solve your business problems with a powerful combination of advanced technology and industry expertise. We can provide the exact spectrometer you need to plug into your existing applications, or work with you to develop a complete application platform based on your needs.